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Wellman O'Shea Jewelers always stands behind the quality of our designs and craftsmanship of our jewelry. To ensure your perfect piece always remains looking pristine, we offer walk-in Jewelry Repair Service. At Wellman O'Shea Jewelers our products come with a satisfaction guarantee, a necessary part of maintaining their beauty. 

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Clean & Polish

Make your piece look like new again with a quick buff, clean, and polish. Most work can be done same day.


Engraving makes your piece one of a kind. Whether it's a special message inside a wedding band or a date on the back of a watch, customize your jewelry with engraving.

Prong Work

Rebuild, Replace, & Retip broken or worn down prongs that secure your precious stones.

Ring Sizing

We offer ring sizing of all metals, white gold, yellow gold, silver, and platinum. We can size rings up or down. If it needs a new shank, we can do that too.


Rhodium is a precious metal, a member of the platinum family. Rhodium electroplating is used, especially on jewelry, to provide a surface that will resist scratches and tarnish, and give a white, reflective appearance. Rhodium plating is most often found on white gold and can be done in just a couple of days.


If you have a broken chain, a cracked ring, or any piece that requires solder, we can have you fixed up in just a few days.

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